CEO and co-founder Erica Mackay recently described her vision for MyVillage at a meet and greet at Goodworks Place.  Most working parents in Montana know how difficult it can be to find the right place for their little ones while they are at work.  For business owners, the high costs of childcare can prove problematic for their employees.  After her own struggles of searching for great childcare, Erica founded MyVillage in Bozeman, Montana to revolutionize the childcare industry. MyVillage is based on the old African proverb “it takes a village to raise a child”  by creating a community support system where neighbors become affordable family home care providers.

MyVillage creates new business owners while providing high-quality childcare.  Every MyVillage Educator is trained, licensed, insured, and CPR Certified. The Company provides many tools for Educator success: they offer training, resources, billing software, a support network and much more to help Educators provide a successful in-home childcare business. Each Educator also learns the ropes from an experienced childcare Mentor.

An in-home learning experience helps children learn how to share, express emotions, problem-solve, and practice foundational skills like tying shoes and putting on jackets.  Educators are part of the children’s self-discovery process and help scaffold children through difficulties. They also choose the curriculum they wish to provide, focused on play-based learning.

For parents, MyVillage presents an equally appealing set-up: childcare is affordable, personalized, and reliable.  Children socialize in small groups, learn through entertaining and educational activities, and receive attentive and nurturing guidance.

As a female-founded company, MyVillage is committed to empowering entrepreneurs and creating new business owners. With every new Educator, a new start-up business owner emerges. Educators can earn extra dollars, set their own hours and work from home.

While it has only been in operation for just over a year, MyVillage recently closed a $5.9 million seed capital round, the largest seed funding round in Montana’s history. We are inspired by the potential for MyVillage to change the way we think about both entrepreneurship and childcare.  We congratulate Erica and her team and are excited to watch the company grow and change lives. To learn more about MyVillage click here.