About Us

Starting and running a company is hard. And at the end of the day, any investment is about the people who started, founded, and manage the company. Therefore, those relationships come first. Above all, we value integrity, direct communication and fun. When asked by our entrepreneurs for help, we do whatever we can to make their jobs easier. We providing expertise and assistance including high-level strategy and in-depth financial analysis to introductions to other capital or connections.

We believe that business can be an overall force for good and positive change. What are you doing today to make your home the place you want to live? If you are passionate, deeply committed to your outcomes and want to be part of our portfolio, please feel free to get in touch. If you are thinking about impact investing with your own portfolio, we would be delighted to share some of our insight. We implement strategies for investment, community engagement and identifying opportunities in the places we play and engage.


is the founder of Goodworks Ventures and the High Stakes Foundation. As a result of attending a Play Big Session about a decade ago, she made the decision to leverage her resources to support the people making a positive change in Montana. Her focus is on triple bottom line investments in the for profit arena and rural economic development, leadership development and environmental policy issues in the nonprofit arena. A passionate lover of place, she has a wicked backspin on her tennis game.


is the CEO of Goodworks Ventures a Montana based company investing in high social impact companies. She is also President of the High Stakes Foundation, which provides support to visionary people and organizations that are leading and implementing changes to create a sustainable future for Montana. She loves to be outside and to play music with friends.


is a third generation Montanan who thrives on helping people and organizations achieve the best highest vision of themselves and their goals. Having grown up on an Arabian horse farm, he is deeply rooted place and as the founder of multiple tech startups is excited for how the future will unfold in that place. As an analyst for Goodworks Ventures, he works directly with their portfolio companies. Having personally failed one startup, he has deep empathy for the challenges and joys awaiting those who are bold enough the claim the title entrepreneur.


joined Goodworks Ventures in July 2016 as its Finance Manager.  She also joined the High Stakes Foundation as its Program Officer.  She has an undergraduate degree in accounting and was formerly the HR Director for a large nationwide company based in Montana.  Megan’s favorite word is “too.”

Andrew Schulz

joins Goodworks Ventures as Strategist after his period of internship with the University of Montana College of Business. His focus is on Marketing and Business Analytics, bringing to the Goodworks Ventures team insight and knowledge in this sector. Andrew has a passion for the outdoors that stretches throughout all four seasons. As a native Montanan, he is excited to help grow the Montana business eco-system and keeping this the “last best place.”