We felt like sharing this video 

and providing an update on Montainer, one of our portfolio companies. Montainer is just completing its “500 Startups Accelerator” in Mountain View, California. Goodworks Ventures first invested in August of 2015 using a convertible note, and followed-up with a second round in July of 2016 with another convertible note investment. Montainer is capitalizing on the opportunity to leverage the economics of building homes in Montana and selling them into expensive cities such as Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco. Though the container homes are classified as modular manufactured homes by state regulation, they have a clean, high end look and modern feel to them.

When Montainer first started business, they focused on the small house market, that wanted a less expensive and a good option for construction where the cost of construction per square foot is $300+. Over the past year, As the company has matured and learned more about their process and the market potential. Now, Montainer has switched from fully custom homes to Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU). These units are proving to be so useful that cities like Portland and San Francisco which are changing laws to allow for ADUs in order to meet the growing housing demand. Not only does Montainer check the box for Goodworks by creating living wage Montana job, they also focus on sustainability by recycling used shipping containers. Goodworks Ventures is excited about the future of Montainer and excited to see what they have learned since their initial start.

For more information see http://www.montainerhomes.com/