Hellgate Venture Network

What’s a Hellgate Venture Network?

For those of you who are not from Missoula, the name of our group may catch you by surprise. We have a canyon at east side of town named Hellgate Canyon.  The Hellgate winds are said to blow through this canyon with a vengeance on certain winter nights.  So when Paul Gladen of Muzeview, Inc. and Dawn McGee of Good Works Ventures, LLC decided to incarnate our social networking group in support of CEO solidarity in Western Montana, the name Hellgate Venture Network seemed entirely appropriate.The Hellgate Venture Network facilitates social networking both online and offline amongst entrepreneurs and advisors engaged in building growth businesses in Western Montana.If you are an entrepreneur, a wanna be, or someone who offers support and guidance to this unique breed of individual, please consider joining our group at one of our ongoing monthly meetings. HVN has launched the INNOVATION INITIATIVE together with the Missoula Economic Project and the University of Montana office of Tech Transfer.

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