After a couple of years of languishing, we finally updated our website.

The impetus was to provide better services to the entrepreneurial community of Montana and to help build our brand. As the only impact fund in Montana, we have never really promoted ourselves or our brand, since we have always had more than enough deal flow. But as anyone who is responsible for brand management is aware, if you don’t control the messaging of your brand, someone else will. For us that meant being perceived as an Angel Investor (we are not) or as a VC (we don’t fit in that bucket either).

We’re a mission driven investment fund that invests from a thesis perspective in those companies creating a better future for the place we live and love. We believe that by making lots of smaller size (up to 250K) investments in a diverse array of companies that not only will our portfolio provide a decent return but that our investments will catalyze wonderful things – better jobs at higher wages, new technology which will be important to our future, local food. Every day we get to wake up and work with amazing entrepreneurs with big visions to do great things. And for our entrepreneurial community we want to provide some of the best tools and resources for growing your business.

If there is something you would like to see, let us know. In the meantime, happy creating.